Color Explosions!

Most of my digital doodles are black and white. Whilst on the plane coming back from the UK (around 8 hours) I decided to do a color one which I turned out to like more than I thought! I’ve since done another purple one!

Take a peek at the process with my time lapse videos and check out the items in the shop below!

Stained Glass

Red, blue, purple

A Project of 50 states – work in progress

I decided to start a new project last month with my art. I’m going to doodle map all 50 states! So far I have 10 done and on number 11! I calculate that I’ll be done by March hopefully! Each picture takes around 2 hours.

I’ll upload them all to my Society 6 and Redbubble as I create them! Check out the ones I’ve done below!

Link to Society6

Link to Redbubble