Plant Icicles

I’ve never seen Plant Icicles before! Or, I’ve never noticed them! When taking my dog out, I saw the plants grow icicles and they looked awesome so I needed to run back into the house and grab my camera!!

But for real. Go away winter.

More Snow

Are we done yet? Apparently not. It decided to snow again today. I’m glad it’s my weekend because I definitely don’t want to drive in this!

At least it means I can go out and take pictures!!

New Buffalo Icy Beach

In order to celebrate my birthday, my in laws treated me to a trip to Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo. I was told that New Buffalo was in the middle of nowhere and not much else to do but the casino.

I did see that it was quite close to the water and asked if we could detour down there after the casino to see if Lake Michigan was frozen.

The closer we got to the water, we were met with a cute coastal downtown with cute boutique bnbs! What a pleasant surprise. They even had their own Amtrak station right by the beach which would be great for visitors coming from Chicago or Indiana.

The beach was pretty much frozen over and the Lake was partially frozen. It did leave to a good photo opportunity!