We were able to take a social distancing trip to Oregon where we stayed on a school bus in the middle of nowhere! The views from the road and our hike was incredible.

Hudsonville Nature Center

My husband and I like to go on walks on the weekend with our dog. It always is a frequent point of annoyance with my husband for the amount of times I stop to take a photo! I love seeing different types of Mushrooms and wildlife! Here are my favourite 3 from the Hudsonville Nature Center


Spring is slowly trying to make its way over here in Michigan! Although… today when I left work it was 25 degrees and I’m still having to scrape my car! At least spring peeking in means taking more photos!

Plant Icicles

I’ve never seen Plant Icicles before! Or, I’ve never noticed them! When taking my dog out, I saw the plants grow icicles and they looked awesome so I needed to run back into the house and grab my camera!!

But for real. Go away winter.