Hudsonville Nature Center

My husband and I like to go on walks on the weekend with our dog. It always is a frequent point of annoyance with my husband for the amount of times I stop to take a photo! I love seeing different types of Mushrooms and wildlife! Here are my favourite 3 from the Hudsonville Nature Center


Spring is slowly trying to make its way over here in Michigan! Although… today when I left work it was 25 degrees and I’m still having to scrape my car! At least spring peeking in means taking more photos!

Plant Icicles

I’ve never seen Plant Icicles before! Or, I’ve never noticed them! When taking my dog out, I saw the plants grow icicles and they looked awesome so I needed to run back into the house and grab my camera!!

But for real. Go away winter.

A Project of 50 states – work in progress

I decided to start a new project last month with my art. I’m going to doodle map all 50 states! So far I have 10 done and on number 11! I calculate that I’ll be done by March hopefully! Each picture takes around 2 hours.

I’ll upload them all to my Society 6 and Redbubble as I create them! Check out the ones I’ve done below!

Link to Society6

Link to Redbubble

More Snow

Are we done yet? Apparently not. It decided to snow again today. I’m glad it’s my weekend because I definitely don’t want to drive in this!

At least it means I can go out and take pictures!!