Color Explosions!

Most of my digital doodles are black and white. Whilst on the plane coming back from the UK (around 8 hours) I decided to do a color one which I turned out to like more than I thought! I’ve since done another purple one!

Take a peek at the process with my time lapse videos and check out the items in the shop below!

Stained Glass

Red, blue, purple

Greece and UK – a photographers dream

I took a trip to Greece and the UK in April with my husband for 10 days. I’ve got a few posts to write about that but I wanted to share some photos first! The Uk.. well I lived there for over 10 years so I already know what to expect but it was my first time to Greece! We stayed in Athens but toured around to Delphi, Hosias Lukas Monastary, Sunion, Vravrona and others! The countryside and seaside is some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen! Enough talking, I’ll let the photos do the work !


Spring is slowly trying to make its way over here in Michigan! Although… today when I left work it was 25 degrees and I’m still having to scrape my car! At least spring peeking in means taking more photos!


For my birthday last month, I received a Michaels gift card and I decided to cave and buy some Copics! I ended up getting quite a few different packs to get me started.

Here are my first two copic test pieces! The colors are definitely more vibrant but I am still quite uncomfortable using them as I am use to fine liners rather than brush tip markers! I can’t wait to try some more pieces!